Moderate hunger can maintain healthy


Modern scientific research has proven that the human body in a state of hunger, reduce the secretion of pituitary hormones death, and to promote decomposition of body fat, glycogen into energy to the brain and other vital organs of the need to maintain physiological activity. Maintain an appropriate state of hunger, can reduce the burden of the gastrointestinal tract, increasing the blood supply to the brain, increasing people’s vitality. On the contrary, often eat too much fullness, it will increase the burden on the digestive system, reducing blood supply to the brain, people will become easy fatigue, lack of vigor and vitality. Eating too much, easily lead to obesity, and obesity is not only prone to diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases, premature aging of the brain will occur, resulting in memory, judgment, attention, and other imaginative levels declined. So, for your health and longevity, it is necessary to moderate hunger diet.

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