Let the hair healthy and glossy


Shampoo is mainly used to wash the secretion of excess oil and clean the scalp and hair contaminated dust and odors. So just as cleanser, shampoo should be mainly applied to the scalp, and the need in the palm labeled rich lather before painting. So as not to hurt the scalp. Then the remaining smear on hair shampoo, clean hair. “The coating amount of conditioner in the hair washed,” which is used in any way we can see a bottle of conditioner. Note: It is the hair, not the scalp. This is important! Because most contain very moisturizing conditioner ingredients, including fat. If applied in the long-term burden on the scalp and scalp will clog pores, ranging from the scalp will become more oily, weight will cause very severe hair loss. Apply the correct method is: the amount of conditioner or hair mask, applied on the hair, the best from the hair root has 5cm distance, be sure to avoid applied to the scalp.

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