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What could cause skin and eye problems?
First man’s charm comes from the eyes, dark eyes moving, all the charm of a man confident look where flying. However, the cause of stress, burn the midnight oil, smoking, drinking, unhealthy food, coupled with external environmental stimuli makes the phenomenon of aging and the passage of time, like skin, is inevitable.
Previous research shows men after 40 years, the problem of aging skin will behave very clear: eye fatigue, which in turn leads to poor circulation of blood circulation around the eye, the eye appears swollen, eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles …… but now Many people far less than 40 years old, has been ahead of the arrival of aging.
How to deal with bags under the eyes
1 first in the bottom of the eyelid blepharoplasty evenly coated with the most to improve the effectiveness of the cream.
2 hands on both sides of the middle finger in his eyes, forced to pull towards the direction of the temple, until the eyes are tightened up.
3 re-opened his eyes closed, and then let go, repeat 6 times.
How to eliminate dark circles
A provisional deal with the black eye the most effective way is to use a clean towel wrapped ice cold in the eye for 10-15 minutes, the eye will feel more comfortable, edema will dissipate, looks spirit.
(2) the use of hot water soaked towel wrung deposited in the eye for about 10 minutes, you can make the skin around the eye to relax; then massage from the inside of the skin around the eye, so that the blood circulation, dark circles that There may reduce the effect.
3 The overnight bags (green top) deposited in the eye for about 20 minutes, washed with water eye skin, then rub the cream, massage.
4 potatoes cut into 2 cm pieces, each deposited in the eyes above about 5 minutes.
Eye Massager
So out of the question just remember to care greatly reduced the effect of natural, so usually busy pumping a few minutes to do under the eye massage, can delay the aging eye. Along around the eyes, gently press the ring finger to massage the skin around the eyes.
1 with one hand under the eye fixed on the skin side, while the other fingers of the hand at the top of fine lines stretching pulling action, about 10 times each.
2 From nose to tail, like wrinkles on both sides of the lips, as in the opposite direction at right angles wrinkles pulling up 10 times, but if the lateral Tuirou down, but will make the wrinkles deepen.

3 wrinkles on the forehead, and wrinkles are also relatively vertical angle, gently pinch immediately released, do not be too hard, repeated rhythmic do about 10 times.
4. Stimulate the eye’s circulation to press hard on the eyes in the middle of the nose section, promote blood circulation, more conducive to absorbing eye cream ingredients, make eyes more perfect.


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