Can not do something after eating eggs


Eggs are high-protein foods, if eaten too much can lead to increased metabolism, but also increase the burden on the kidneys, in general, every day an elderly, youth and adults both more appropriate day. After eating eggs do not drink tea immediately after eating some meat, eggs, seafood and high-protein foods, tea used immediately to help “to taste”, “digest.” In fact, this approach is unscientific. Because tea contains a lot of tannic acid, tannic acid and protein synthesis convergence of tannic acid protein, making bowel movements slow down, thus prolonging the residence time of feces in the intestines, not only easy to cause constipation, but also increase the toxic and carcinogenic substances the possibility of being absorbed by the body and endanger human health. Not cooked eggs contain egg protein avidin, will affect the absorption of biotin in food, the body loss of appetite, weakness, muscle pain, skin irritation, and other symptoms eyebrow. Eggs contain antitrypsin, which affect human egg protein digestion and absorption. Immature eggs in these two substances are not decomposed, thus affecting protein digestion and absorption. Immature eggs can kill the bacteria, likely to cause diarrhea. So after eating eggs to high temperatures, do not eat undercooked eggs. Dense raw egg protein structure, the great majority can not be absorbed by the body, only cooked proteins before they become soft, the human gastrointestinal tract before absorption. Raw eggs have a special smell, can cause central nervous system depression, so that the secretion of saliva, gastric and intestinal and other digestive reduced, leading to loss of appetite, indigestion.

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