Regular eating a meal without salt is good for the body


Long-term intake of salt on health effects and harm is very large, not only induced hypertension, may also lead to gastritis, peptic ulcer, upper respiratory tract infections and other diseases. In addition, excess salt or lead to osteoporosis culprit. Because the kidneys every day will be discharged with the urine too much sodium in vitro, 1000 milligrams of sodium per excretion, while the loss of about 26 milligrams of calcium. So the more the body needs to drain the sodium, calcium consumption greater, would ultimately affect the normal growth of bones. Food without salt balance in favor intracellular osmotic pressure, thereby releasing some of the negative factors of the cells, which is a systemic phenomenon. It suggests that high intake of salt people should regularly eat light or no salt foods. Especially those who eat out regularly, usually no way to control the salt content in food, it is recommended once a week to eat salt-free meal, let the stomach and blood vessels sufficiently purified. Of course, can not eat salt-free meal too frequently, up to twice a week, because too little salt intake will also destroy the ion balance in the body, the body adversely.

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