When hungry do not eat the food


Persimmon contains more pectin, tannic acid, said acid material and the chemical reaction is difficult to dissolve the gel mass occurred, easy to form stones in the stomach. Banana have more magnesium, fasting bananas cause a sudden increase in the body of magnesium and magnesium destruction of human blood calcium (calcium foods) balance in the cardiovascular inhibition produced is not conducive to good health. Milk contains a lot of protein, fasting drink, protein (protein food) will be “forced” into heat energy consumed, would not achieve nutritional tonic. The right to drink and snacks, bread and other foods containing flour with food, drink, or two hours after a meal, or a drink before bed can. Sugar is a highly digestion (digested food) and absorption of food, fasting lot of sugar, the body does not produce enough insulin to maintain normal blood sugar within a short time, the blood glucose (sugar foods) easily lead to a sudden increase in eye diseases. And sugar are acidic foods, fasting blood sugar will damage the body’s acid-base balance and balance of various microorganisms, bad for your health. Fasting drinking yogurt, yogurt health effects will weaken, and two hours after dinner drink, or drink before bed, both nourishing health care (health food), promoting digestion, another exhaust catharsis.

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