How to skin replenishment


Get enough sleep eight hours, is equivalent to the skin does not absorb water initiative to 8 hours. So a bit of dry skin, the most simple and effective way is to drink a glass of water, allowing the body to function again up and running. To the company, began the day’s work, stressful commute some people tired, and this time do not forget to give yourself a cup of water, just to replenish the loss of body water. The skin becomes dry, inside and outside the body are affected. Lunch should eat fish (such as eel, flounder, etc.) and vegetables, can increase skin moisture, also good for health. Jumped into the pool to wash away the day’s fatigue and irritability. Swimming fitness after work, is undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax. Let the body of water surrounded by maximizing closeness. Also do not forget to drink some fresh juice, add water loss after exercise. After dinner, do not forget to eat fruit. Enjoy a completely relaxing shower after, to be deep moisturizing mask, after 15 minutes of skin SPA, skin relax, and, before going to bed do not forget to use toner and moisturizing cream.

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