Angry health hazards


When people get angry secrete toxins harm the body, people get angry 10 minutes to spend as much energy out to participate in a 3,000 m race. Physiological response is intensely angry, secretions are more complex than at any emotions, and possessed toxicity, angry people is difficult health, longevity harder. Emotional disorders who are twice the risk of illness of others. Although angry and marathon also cause people’s blood pressure, increased heart rate, but the long-distance running is a slow rise in blood pressure and heart rate speed up, slow down the process is also rather angry instantaneous rise, the body of poor people or the elderly, it is easy there stroke, heart disease, myocardial infarction. When the human heart is a contradiction, conflict or bad feelings can not be released when the body’s endocrine disorders will, and was followed by high blood pressure, heart rate, reduced secretion of digestive symptoms, often accompanied by dizziness, dreams, insomnia, mood upset, these abnormal psychological and physiological factors if mutual influence, will bring a vicious cycle, induced disease. The good state of mind, even had the disease, disease resistance will grow slowly in the body, early recovery. The researchers suggested that angry freed themselves to be good, timely adjustment of mentality. Tolerance also maintain mental health, “vitamin.”

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