How to clean up pollutants in the lungs


Lung is one of the organs of the body most likely to accumulate toxins. Nature of the dust, metal particles and emissions of toxic substances, invade the lungs through breathing, lung damage on, and from the lungs into the blood through the blood circulation and the “implicate” body. In this case, the method can make use of the lungs coughs initiative “sweeping.” Every morning, at noon or at bedtime to take a deep breath of fresh outdoor air, take a deep breath and slowly raised his arms when then cough, airflow from the mouth, nose spray, cough up sputum. Each done several times after normal breathing again, as long as every day, the lungs can be kept clean. The skin is the body’s largest organ, it is excreted by up to 170 kinds of waste, human life, about 18 kg of skin to fall off in the form of debris. Secondly, there is a lot of hair, dandruff and other wastes off. After evaporation of sweat uric acid, urea, salt, etc. can distribute sebaceous secretions from the skin. These wastes and toxins through sweating way movement, with the sweat excreted. Before exercise to drink salt water, to increase the amount of sweat, skin care can achieve the purpose of removing dirt.

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