Exercise can improve the health of the stomach


Movement for enhancing the role of good digestive function, it can strengthen the gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the secretion of digestive juices, and strengthen the digestion and absorption. Exercise can also increase the depth and frequency of breathing, prompting the diaphragm and abdominal muscles to move up and down more substantial activities in order to play a good massage gastrointestinal effects, gastrointestinal tract, improve blood circulation, strengthen the gastrointestinal mucosa defense mechanisms, especially for promoting the healing of peptic ulcers have a positive effect. Patients with stomach at the beginning of the exercise, the exercise intensity should be small. If using slow, relax walking, 20-30 minutes each time, motion control pulse 110 beats / minute. You can choose the scenic surroundings walk about 2 km, help regulate the central nervous system, improve systemic and gastrointestinal function, eliminate bloating, belching, promote ulcer healing has a role. As her condition improved, may be appropriate to increase the amount of exercise, exercise pulse can reach 130 to 140 beats / minute. Insist on the best sports daily 20-40 minutes. Acute gastroenteritis, stomach bleeding, abdominal pain should not participate in sports, to be restored or improved after illness appropriate to exercise our powers. Stomach exercise therapy should pay attention to body movement and the local motion combined with some appropriate as massage therapy, adjust gastrointestinal nerve function, reduce symptoms, improve digestive function.

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