Preparations before exercise


Say “Life is movement,” but the movement does not necessarily bring people are healthy. For example, some people eager to get outdoors, in fact, this exercise is not healthy. Here I would like to introduce you to a motion before the indispensable preparation – water.
Favorable view of the health of drinking water has become increasingly accepted by people. I am talking about is not thirsty to drink water, but to establish a scientific concept of drinking water.
Many elderly people have a good habit of morning exercise. Morning exercise is indeed a good time, but advised that you do not get up too early, because four or five o’clock in the morning is the lowest level of human body basal metabolic period, this time to exercise, not only difficult to mobilize the positive factors of the body, but also easy to induce disease appears . Do not go out after getting up too fast, because the body after a night of sleep after the break, due to evaporation of respiratory, urinary and skin, lose a lot of body water, resulting in hypovolemia, increased blood viscosity, microcirculation stasis. In this state the motion easily induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially hypertension, heart disease, people should pay attention. Morning drinking can change these negative factors. At this time the body is in the empty state of the gastrointestinal, drinking water can be quickly absorbed and penetrated into the tissue, so that the body add plenty of moisture, restore normal blood circulation, micro-circulation, while promoting the metabolism of liver and kidney function, and Clean body waste, thereby improving the body’s resistance to disease, significantly reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Health benefits of drinking water, is not limited to early morning. In fact, for the elderly, 30-60 minutes before each meal and drink a couple of glasses of water for the prevention of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and blood pressure, blood fat are very effective.
Drinking water is simple, fresh morning after a day of drinking warm water from 500 to 1000 ml. If you start to drink no less than 500 to 1000 ml of water, it does not matter, slowly, starting with 200 ml drank, and then gradually adapt to increased until the body requirement of 500-1000 ml ended. When you want to drink a little slow, to not feel bloating appropriate. Because the body is sleeping very slow gastric motility, also in trimming state, so give GI a process of adaptation movement. After drinking exercise should not be too big, physical activity and sport mode to choose according to their age and condition, generally not in favor of the motion was sweating, sweating slightly in the body is appropriate.


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