Help you eliminate the tired small way


Typically exhausted from overwork, but sometimes may be acute or chronic infection. To eliminate the feeling of exhaustion, a grandmother will yolks, some sugar, a teaspoon of rum together, stirring until pale yolks, then add a cup of hot water or hot milk, then quickly stir, let those who need it drink. Insomnia is characterized by difficulty falling asleep, waking up during the night and easily, after they could not sleep, and awake the spirit of good in the morning. In one hour before going to bed, drink a cup of honey milk. Practice is to add a spoonful of honey in half a cup of hot milk, especially lavender honey, the best way to help sleep. This recipe only suitable for adults: one hour before bedtime drink a glass of champagne, drowsiness soon appeared. Irritability refers to a person suddenly angry, emotional produce dramatic changes. To relax and easy to sleep, you can drink a cup of lavender tea. Approach is very simple, as long as fifty grams of lavender added to one liter of boiling water, soak for five minutes, drink four cups a day, at bedtime drink a cup which can effectively achieve the effect of neuroleptic. Note! If you add too much lavender may have the opposite effect. Whether it is physical, mental or emotional stress, can be said to be the body’s response to certain requirements, common symptoms are shortness of breath, dry mouth, chills, itching, facial contractions, constipation, migraine, diarrhea and so on. Every morning and evening meals and drink a glass of champagne, it will alleviate the symptoms of depression.

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