Protect teeth


Sugar is not the only enemy will destroy the dental health, low pH acidity of the food will soften the tooth, such as acid sugar, soft drinks, juices. As a result, lead to corrosion of the enamel layer of the teeth becomes smaller. Citric acid is the most harmful to your teeth acids. So, every day you should be concerned with the corrosion of acid on the teeth. Ice, popcorn kernels pierced tongue and lips can cause tooth breakage. Different skin, teeth can not be regenerated. Eating popcorn kernels like to eat, “stone”, is sharp brittle ice, these foods may damage the enamel, especially when his mouth full of things you have to be careful. Orthotics can cause tooth decay. Correction around the food, bacteria and acids “Let tooth enamel off”, the result becomes difficult to see the teeth. In fact, the cavities formed in the beginning of the bays around the braces. Although not completely decomposed to form cavities, but it can lead to “demineralized” and make the teeth appear spot. As becomes large cavities spot will darken.

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