Health Tips in daily life


Feet blisters: Take a needle, after sterilization with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, gently prick blisters. Then coated with anti-bacterial cream, with soft elastic, breathable bandage. While some antiperspirant wipe their feet to prevent foot sweating, causing infection. It should also be for a pair of comfortable walking flattie. After taking these emergency measures, not only did not eliminate blisters, but redness, tingling touch, indicating that there may have been infected, should go to hospital for treatment, do not deal with on their own. Chapped lips: there is more to prepare a cleft lip balm effect, slight symptoms immediately smear, smear once every few hours, and pay attention to drink plenty of water. Cleft lip has been done as blistering, apply also to some ground to shorten the healing time. One week after applying lip balm, chapped lips symptoms continued and increasing pain, it should see a doctor promptly. Limb scratch: Prepare some outside the administration have bleeding, inflammation (anti-inflammatory food) effect, applied to the injured area, both to stop the bleeding, but also to prevent bacterial infection, help the skin to grow. Salt water every day can be used to clean the wound dressing, wound 3 to 5 days to heal.

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