Straw drink can prevent tooth decay


Soda straw can reduce the chances of suffering from tooth decay, dental health protection, but the straw must be in the right place. By people like carbonated drinks because it contains a lot of acidic substances, often drink easily lead to tooth decay. Even some canned iced tea also contains organic acids such as malic acid, etc., on the teeth quite corrosive. Professor Baz to those who have the habit of drink after statistical analysis found that the frequency of drink and retained in the mouth of each beverage and other factors will affect the type of tooth decay, the location and severity. Direct mouth to drink carbonated drinks, make mouth like a pond filled with carbonated beverages, so that the teeth fully exposed to acidic substances, “soak”, which easily lead to tooth decay; while the straw on the front teeth near the front incisor teeth easily lead to tooth decay. Straw placed in the front teeth, point drinkers esophagus, minimizes contact with acidic substances and teeth. But even drink with a straw, the teeth are exposed to sugar or acid liquids. So, the best drinking water gargle and brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste.

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