Salt solve skin problems


Done after normal facial cleansing, playing Banpen warm water, sprinkle with a pinch of salt to make it melt, will face soaked in salt water, in the water and opened his eyes, and down about the activities of the eye wash with fresh water to achieve the effect. Not two weeks, you will find that your eyes become bright and piercing it. Do not get the brine eyes go, so as to avoid damage to the conjunctiva. In fact, the Minister for back acne “chronic illness”, as is also useful salts. After bathing the body to fully warm, until the pores open more than wiping some salt in the back, every corner to be wiped. With a bath brush massage one minute, not too hard, as long as the salt can move between the skin and the brush, then use a sponge dipped in salt water, attached to the back for 10 minutes, washed with water. Washed several times and then look back acne slowly being tackled. After the wash, put a teaspoon of fine salt 3-5 drops of water on the palms, fingers and then carefully stir the salt and water, then dipped in salt water from the forehead to wipe the paint from top to bottom, while doing paint ring open massage. After a few minutes, until the face was white when dry salt-like, with warm water to wash face, coated with moisturizing lotion or continue normal skin care steps. Ongoing each morning and evening after the first wash. This has the effect of a good cleaning and decontamination, the accumulation of fat in the pores, pimples, and even “black” can be removed. However, massage the skin around the eyes should be avoided, and some sensitive skin care.

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