Eight male shaving must know taboo


Before shave priority is to wash your face with warm water, so that the skin pores open as much as possible, so that not only conducive to a more clean shave, more important is to reduce the bacteria into the hair follicles to prevent the hair follicle inflammation and reduce the burning sensation after shaving.
Shaving eight taboo
Contraindications one: Do not shave the beard the same place from different directions. This is very easy to form a short beard shaven down shall cause inflammation of the hair follicle.
Taboo 2: Do not shave the hair tablets. While shaving beards shaven tablets make cleaner, but it is easy to stimulate the skin to form inverted subject.
Taboo Three: Do not shave before strenuous exercise. Because you’ve just scratched the sweat can irritate skin, forming infections.
Taboo IV: Never shave before bathing. Skin unprepared, you are likely to produce a burning sensation after shaving, and cause ingrown beard.
Taboo Five: Do not use too old or rusty blade. Blade sharp enough, it should be replaced.
Taboo VI: Do not borrow razors with others and do not lock their lend. Serious pollution blade contagious skin diseases.
Taboo VII: When shaving with a razor blade, facial muscles do not get too excited. This is very easy to put the skin surface fibrous roots are shaved.
Taboo VIII: When using a razor shaving, do not be in a dry beard. If you let your beard moist, those scratch marks and bloody pustules at least three or four days in order to be good.


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