Spring sports to master the exercise can not be a lot of sweating


Outdoor sports to grasp the “degree”: initial or person for a long time did not carry out physical exercise, control the exercise should conduct more soothing exercise, avoid excessive sweating. Some people have a misconception spring workout that, as usual, covered in sweat sport to be able to achieve their goals. At temperatures appropriate cases, this can really get a good training effect. But when the body sweat pores queen, the cool temperatures in the early spring conditions, if not promptly take precautionary measures, it is easy to catching a cold, or induced respiratory disease. Meanwhile, after the cold winter, the functional organs of the body are in a lower level, muscles and ligaments are relatively stiff, need to adjust one stage, in order to adapt to the large amount of exercise. Thus, spring sports should be to restore the body’s level of functioning for the purpose of moderate attention, not the blind pursuit of exercise. Before the exercise, to be fully prepared activities to relax the muscles and ligaments, prevent the exercise caused a sudden increase muscle and ligament damage.

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