Relieve brain fatigue


Of young people now live and work pressure increasing, long-term fatigue and frequent overtime, likely to cause disorder causing bodily functions of various diseases. Especially the “white-collar worke” class, almost every day faced with new challenges, spare overtime, only to give up the rest of people working everywhere, mental and psychological stress are great. What is more, even a little bit of free time after dinner untouched, even lunch time, white-collar workers who often see it as normal working hours. If they are strong mental capacity, timely adjustment of attitude, ready to deal with pressure, they will not overwork. Conversely, prolonged stress savings, brain overload, impede brain cells replenish oxygen and nutrients, endocrine disorders, excessive sympathetic nervous system, autonomic nervous system imbalance, leading to brain fatigue, causing the body “sub “symptoms even sick. Doing so helps the metabolism, helps to best play each physiological function is to improve efficiency and enhance confidence in an effective way. In addition, positive attitude towards life and a variety of sports activities, take advantage of the time to find a suitable simple exercise, such as playing, jogging, exercise. You can also find relaxation in the form of a mood, such as listening to music, painting, calligraphy. As long as gradual, sustained, windfall not only relaxing, but also a sense of accomplishment.

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