After getting up, don’t shave


Do not shave in the morning was busy, best to wait for some time before cleaning. Do not rush to shave in the morning, otherwise, may be less than it will grow a new beard stubble in the afternoon. Best to get up 20 minutes after shave to keep the face clean of the day. This is mainly due to just get up, after a night’s rest, reproductive function strong, fast growing beard. After 20 minutes to half an hour of consumption, the male body male hormone has not so strong, the growth rate decreased beard, then Zaigua, it will not grow very quickly. Before the shave, you should wash the face with a mild soap. If the face, leaving dirt and dust on the beard, once razor irritation to the skin, or slightly bruised skin, dirt can cause skin infections. After washing the face, the hot towel on the beard, mustache or smear soft cream that softens the beard. After a while, and then coated with shaving cream or soap, in order to facilitate the cutting blade on the beard, reduce skin irritation. When shaving, the skin should be taut in order to reduce drag on the skin running the razor and prevent misfortune to scratch the skin. In particular, older people or thin skin easy to fold, but should tighten the skin, making sure to maintain flexibility and support force.

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    Also invest in aftershave lotion to keep your skin smooth and moisturized.

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