How to relieve periarthritis of shoulder


Periarthritis extremely common in the elderly is a periarticular bone lesions. Its main symptom is shoulder pain, more common in middle-aged about 50 years, and the disease often feel cold in winter, trauma and other factors, generally by synovial sac surrounding the shoulder joint, ligament, muscle, tendon or nerve disease caused. Thus, the winter should anti periarthritis. Prevent the invasion of pathogenic cold. Winter weather is cold, easy to inflammation around the shoulder, attention should be warm cold, rainy day in the cold with particular attention to the shoulder warm. Labor and exercise should be appropriate, pay attention to prevent shoulder sprain. After sprain should be treated, medication, physical therapy, massage, not to congestion blocked meridians, to prevent Benbingfasheng. If the patient is in the right shoulder, the first natural bending the affected arm placed on the chest, the other arm from the chest through the four fingers close together to take on the risk of shoulder, thumb on the risk of shoulder tenderness, in a horizontal position back and forth as plucked Act (the direction perpendicular to the muscle fibers), micro power from light to heavy, plucked 60 times per minute, do 3-5 back a day, each time for 3 minutes. After the eight-shaped feet firm, will touch the top of the head ipsilateral hand forced, if they can climb up to the head, then try to touch the contralateral ear around the head straight, do 5-7 times a day. For or against the side walls, lifter arm touching the wall, the height gradually increased 3 to 5 times a day. In the room means a fixed pulley, a nylon rope from the pulley groove back by one patient in each hand holding the rings, and then forced the rope with a side shoulder, so that suffering arm climb. When seeking to refrain from pulling fast, too heavy, do 5-7 times a day.

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