Eat animal protein can delay aging


According to Japan’s National Health and Nutrition Research Institute, a research scholar at the University of Dili Beijing Tohoku University jointly conducted by: the diet contains large amounts of animal protein can prevent the rapid decline in the elderly physical, psychological and social function.
When the human body into an aging stage, it will gradually lose the ability to absorb protein. After over 65 years of age, the daily demand for protein will increase.

The researchers selected the 1007 average age of 67.4 years in Japan, the elderly, the beginning of the study and after seven years so that they each filled out a food questionnaire. According to the level of those of their total protein, animal protein and vegetable protein intake, the researchers were divided into four groups, and give them a higher level of practical function tests, including social function, mental function and activities of daily living capacity.
The results showed that the intake of animal protein and more men, the likelihood of functional decline than other men lower by 39%. However, this correlation does not appear among the female participants. Therefore, the researchers believe that a diet rich in animal protein can help older men to keep a variety of functions.


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