Harm to the body of heavy metals


Cadmium most significant body damage manifested in the bones, causing osteomalacia, osteoporosis, the incidence of a wide range of the last century supernatural River basin in Japan has caused the most serious patients with severe osteoporosis, the body has 100 multiple fractures. Long-term exposure to cadmium can also cause damage to the kidneys, reproductive system. Hg harm your nervous system for a great, will lead to attention deficit, language and memory impairment, decreased ability to sense motion and so on. 20 years ago, the medical profession believes that excessive levels of mercury in the blood can damage the developing nervous system in infants, have little effect on adults. But recent studies have found high levels of mercury in the food equally hazardous to the health of adults. The excessive intake of excessive mercury content of food easily lead to cardiovascular and neurological diseases. Seafood safety issues can not be ignored. Due to the spread of contamination, shellfish and fish have become heavy metals like mercury, the largest source of arsenic in seafood consumption will result if long-term heavy metals and other toxic substances accumulate in the body and health hazards. Try to choose a light color plain tableware; try to pick a pattern on top of the porcelain, the edge, outside, fewer opportunities for contact with food utensils; ago to buy a new ceramic tableware, for the first time with boiling water for 5 minutes, you can put ceramic tableware dissolved out of harmful substances. Try to avoid road vehicles and smoke environment.

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