Eye Care Tips


If you have one hour staring at a computer screen, you need to do some eye movement to relieve eye fatigue. For example, look up, and breath, and then moved back to the middle of the line of sight, breath, repeat three times, and then continue with the same action last lower, left and right. Blink action can promote the secretion of tears in the eyes, and with tears of many ingredients evenly on the surface of the eye, keep the eye moist. Many people are too focused on work, staring at a computer screen for a long time ignored the blink, causing dry eye discomfort. Sneak, blink a few eyes, help clean the surface of the eye, the eye is also equivalent to a massage. Deep breath will also eye helpful? Course. According to the survey, many people are too focused staring at a computer, instinctively makes breathing rate slows, and the suction can accelerate blood circulation, can relieve eye fatigue. When looking information or intermittent meetings with both hands and gently rubbing the thumb below the brow, outer corner of the eyes; forefinger and middle finger pulp can also be used in the eyebrow nudge outwards from the inside to the temple tap, repeat 5-6 times . Long-term adherence can not only alleviate eye fatigue sour, but also helps to improve eyesight.

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