Fruit is best not directly apply to the face


Surface covered fruits can have some whitening effect, because the acid with reduced stratum corneum cohesion, reducing the thickness of the stratum corneum and Removal horny. But in fact, the effect of such a mask does not necessarily meet expectations, some of the larger molecules can not absorb nutrients the skin. Meanwhile, homemade mask of raw materials preservation, sterilization and many other aspects are susceptible bacteria. In addition, many people know enough about fruit characteristics, such as citrus fruits mostly be light sensitive issue, rinsing the face if you accept the sunlight, but easy to make black skin, causing inflammation, redness and swelling. Can cause dermatitis fruits cucumber, tomatoes, red grapes, figs and more. So sensitivity to people who can not be arbitrarily applied face fresh fruits and juices, for susceptible hives, eczema or asthma and other allergic diseases, cosmetic surface covered with fresh fruit should be cautious. “Skin vitamin C” is that many people use the fruit as a major motivation mask. Vitamin C can improve skin elasticity, promote wound healing, reduce wrinkles, the skin whitening effect. But in fact, vitamin C is water-soluble antioxidant, is itself subject to factors that affect temperature, light, PH and dissolved oxygen and so on. If you directly to make a fruit rich in vitamin C mask, directly exposed to the air, then it is oxidized faster than the speed of skin absorption rate, which will lead to a lot of vitamin C has not yet had time to be absorbed by the skin on the oxidation. The best way to play the fruit or fresh edible beauty. Meanwhile, in the consumption of fruits, may also wish to inquire about its nutritional ingredient list. For example, when you eat a lemon, citrus and other vitamin C, preferably at the same time pay attention to vitamin A and vitamin E. Because vitamin A can regulate the metabolism of the epidermis and stratum corneum, anti-aging. Vitamin E can reduce vitamin A and polyunsaturated fatty acid oxidation, the role of cell oxidation control, which can make the skin better improvement.

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