Men do moderate aerobic exercise before bedtime


1 massage soles of the feet
When you are lying in bed unable to sleep when you can own massage Yongquan: The arch of a foot on the other foot in the big toe, do rub back and forth action until the soles of the feet, fever, and back to the other feet. This alternately, your brain focused attention on the feet, a long time, people are tired, with sleepy, wanted to sleep. If long-term adherence, but also play a role in health care.
2, hair relax
Conducive to smooth hair before bedtime blood, brain cells can enhance nutrient supply, slow down brain aging. The hair before bedtime may improve sleep, improve sleep quality. After a day of intense work, a hair comb part can neuroleptics, fatigue, brain get a good rest.
Hair combs should be adopted in the horn section, jade comb, comb, comb not too sharp and too dense; combing force should be moderate, not too light nor too heavy; carding speed, not too fast nor too slow. Must be done every time combing speed is moderate, moderately hard, combed intended to. To comb the whole head, the best day early, middle and late 3 times, each time for 10 minutes.
3, moderate aerobic exercise
Appropriate exercise refers to feel happy without fatigue after exercise movement. 6 hours before bedtime for 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, be careful not to at bedtime movement. The best 30 minutes of brisk walking, then trot home, then hot foot bath (soaking foot back), to help sleep. Poor physical person for tai chi, qigong, walking and other gentle movement. Physical good people can be jogging, cycling and other aerobic exercise bike slow low physical activity, and to increase the vitality of the body.
4, hot foot bath before going to bed

Feet with hot water before going to bed, can promote vasodilation foot, accelerate blood circulation. Foot points more hot water stimulation can play a good role in health care, especially those who suffer from insomnia and foot varicose veins.
Recommended 15-30 minutes before bedtime feet, the water temperature should be 30 ℃ -40 ℃. If conditional, 30 minutes every night before bed to wash a hot bath.
Foot Therapy: magnet, chrysanthemum, skullcap, Caulis, cook 2 times, to slag juice, into the tub, hot dip feet for 15-30 minutes, 1 night


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