How to prevent electrostatic dry weather


Winter weather is dry, prone to static electricity. Reporters recently learned from the People’s Liberation Army 301 Hospital, neurasthenia, hypertension, heart disease, mental illness and other patients, to beware of static electricity hazards. According to individual differences in physical condition and ability to feel, electrostatic would affect specific populations. Neurasthenia, hypertension, heart disease, mental illness and other patients, especially in patients with cardiovascular disease should be appropriate to prevent static electricity. Because in case of shock, the human spirit suddenly nervous, may induce episodes of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Experts remind that after undressing before touching doorknobs or faucet, gently touch the walls, “put” out of body static work again; elderly should choose to wear soft, smooth cotton underwear, underwear, try to electrostatic hazards reduce to a minimum; attention to maintain a certain humidity indoors, often mopping the floor, ground sprinkler, conditional use a humidifier to increase air humidity, which can effectively prevent static electricity.

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