Talking about the quality of sleep


Normal people need to consume about 250-400 milliliters of oxygen per minute, a total of about 360-576 liters of oxygen a day, which is about 200 times the amount of water intake. Need so much oxygen uptake, because the phenomenon of life depends on proper functioning of all cells. Do not think that would be tantamount to breathe without oxygen. If the air is thin or KTV confined space, lack of external oxygen, hypoxia will be in the mountains; people generally have nasal allergy problems, affect breathing and smooth, lack of oxygen exchange, they will hypoxia; health statistics represents more than 10% more than women of iron deficiency anemia, the red blood cells to carry oxygen deficiency leads to anemia force will hypoxia. According to clinical experience, a lot of one or two modern sleep until two in the morning to miss ten p.m. cells to repair the golden sleep; addition lack of regular exercise habits, sit oxygen uptake with increasing attenuation physiology of aging; environmental pollution and eating out habits, it is caused by chronic hypoxia leads to all kinds of push hands. In reality, of course, acute hypoxia injury obviously, but also the most likely to be noticed relative and avoid an occurrence, but persistent hypoxia, often is the real threat to health.

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