Fall Tour careful pollen allergy


Autumn is a great time to go out of tourism, however, flu-like symptoms such as sneezing occurs when many tourists travel. Autumn night temperature difference is large, easy to catch a cold, so a lot of people took to treat this disease when cold. Doctors advise: This is not necessarily a cold, probably in autumn pollen allergy. The incidence of pollen allergy has two basic factors: First, people with allergies, and the other is more than one contact and inhalation of allergens outside. Due to a variety of flowering plants has obvious seasonal, therefore, the incidence of pollen allergy patients have significant seasonal. Our most parts of the year with two pollen period, one of which is spring in March to May, and the second is the summer June to September. Spring tree pollen mainly class-based, mainly in the summer and autumn of pollen-based vegetation classes, such as chrysanthemum, lily, osmanthus, rose, begonia, etc., generally the summer pollen allergy patients to be more than the spring and autumn, the symptoms are severe. People with allergies may be allergic to the hospital source determination about their allergy to substances which, as little as possible to the place where the lush flowers and trees in autumn travel, carry with them when traveling well desensitization drugs.

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