Be careful with vinegar to remove tartar teeth damaged


We do not take vinegar rinse, vinegar can really remove soot, tea scale, but the teeth fear sour, acidic vinegar causes tooth decalcification, erode tooth enamel, and finally to the tooth surface becomes rough. It seems that this whitening method is extremely tricky, maybe white teeth are white, they become “cellular teeth”, and even the risk of tooth is decayed. Not only Hecu so often cola, acidic juices will tooth enamel dissolution quality, so we usually have to drink these drinks after drinking water gargle. No confirmed reports baking soda can remove tartar, if effective, they have to consider whether the concentration of baking soda will cause tooth damage side effects. It requires a lot of ingredients are analyzed and clinical trials in order to draw conclusions. Besides, there are the first brushing baking soda and salt into a paste with water, it is very troublesome thing. Might as well spend twelve minutes brushing teeth thoroughly clean it.

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