What are the benefits of wearing eyeshade


Each person’s sensitivity to light is different, some people can be asleep in broad daylight; Some people are unable to sleep a little light, will therefore lead to anxiety, irritability and even insomnia. For them, sleeping or need a short break while wearing an eyeshade, is a very good choice. eyeshade artificially dark for you to create a single environment, and in general, help you to sleep in a dark environment. Especially when people live together with, for example, in a dorm or on the train, wearing an eyeshade can guarantee their rest, that does not cause trouble to others. As the more delicate skin around the eyes, so the choice eyeshade, the best choice for the kind of natural, soft, no pungent odor of cotton products. The best color is a dark, dark in order to play the role. Secondly, eyeshade to wear, must be a snug fit and good ventilation. Too loose easily fall in sleep, the eye by light stimulation, peripheral nerve tight easy eye pressure, affecting blood circulation around the eye. eyeshade to feel relaxed and comfortable to wear, not a foreign body sensation, so as not to affect sleep. eyeshade during use, must be someone special, do not use more than repeated cross, in order to avoid infectious eye diseases. Of particular note is that, eyeshade 3-5 days, the best time to clean, especially when the weather is hot, to avoid bacteria, affecting eye health.

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