Massage to protect blood vessels


Sit on the bed, relax, palm root of two by two breasts, with his hands eating four fingers together, rubbing his chest with his finger, while the right hand rotation 50 laps, 50 laps left Rotate Left; then reverse rotation, 50 laps. Note: This section chest tightness, angina, asthma, shortness of breath and other relief role. But if not better, even squeezing of pain, difficulty breathing after persistent sternum and other chest symptoms, more than 30 minutes, may be acute myocardial infarction, hurry to the big hospital. Pressing on the right flank, with the right palm on his left hand pressing the left flank, while forced to put up his hands to rub (and deep breathing) on the chest, palms staggered to push, push the friction on the right hand, left hand in the next push rub each to the contralateral axillary, and then wipe down the flank, left Rameau was the navel, right through Rameau upper, middle and lower abdominal respective place back flank. Let thorax inhale slowly expand as much as possible to drum up; let thoracic expiratory minimize, abdominal contraction. (Pause for breath) repeatedly snorting port call one minute. Inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, enhanced lung capacity, improve heart and lung function.

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