Avoid embarrassing underarm sweating in summer


Excessive underarm sweating improve first step is to identify the cause sweating, in addition to temperature, pressure, emotional stress people sweating, also need to be vigilant as hyperthyroidism, adrenal tumors and other diseases will also increase the amount of sweat . Then through lifestyle changes, diet improve the situation.
1, attention to diet
Do not eat too much spicy stuff, especially the smell of raw onions and other produce something, it will become as the body’s metabolism at the time the sweat exudes an unpleasant odor. Should eat milk, soy, shrimp bran, seaweed, fish, soup bones, and green leafy vegetables and other foods rich in calcium.
2, attention to health
Sweat will be decomposed by bacteria odor, keep your body clean will be able to reduce the growth of bacteria, so that underarm odor will not attack. Available daily disinfectant (eg Dettol) or disinfectant soap bath two to three times; want to work and can not always take a bath, they should be cleaned regularly armpit. Profuse sweating after exercise, take a shower as soon as possible, otherwise it will make breeding bacteria, odor thicker.
3, wear clothing to
Some people think that wearing long-sleeved clothes can cover underarm odor, in fact, will only make the smell more intense. Because long-sleeved clothing, especially sweaters, increase sweating, accelerated bacterial decomposition of sweat and odor can not spread, more and smelly. So on a hot day in the summer underarm sweating how do pass should wear cool, loose, thin body clothes.
4, to reduce the amount of sweat
Situation is particularly serious body odor hot days, because sweat more, so the application Antiperspirants reduce sweat situation. Antiperspirants can block sweat secretion channel, and sterilization and disinfection. Basically one day could have been painted once, if the situation is serious, can be coated with two to three times, but not too many times.
5, more drinking yoghurt drinks
Often drink yoghurt drinks for treatment of body odor is still very effective. Lactic acid drinks can inhibit bacterial growth in vivo, thereby reducing bacteria excreted through sweat from the skin, because most do not like the growth of the bacteria in an acidic environment.
6, keeping the body clean
Bathe every day to keep a clean armpit contact should also be cleaned every day clothes. Can be considered shaved armpits. Armpit easy to breed bacteria, easy to sweat in the summer season, you can try to shave armpits.


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  1. ibear says:

    There are a lot of sour underarm sweating is the case, the person’s sweat glands there are two types of small, distributed in the body, the main function is to sweat, regulate body temperature; another larger glands, called apocrine gland, and its distribution in the armpits, genitals and other special areas, while most of the armpit most. So people tend to feel more underarm sweating, it is precisely for this reason. Underarm sweating are generally physiological phenomenon, do not need treatment, but if it is a serious body odor, it is recommended to take surgery.

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