Optimum temperature control of life


Optimum water temperature is 76 degrees Celsius brew green tea. Because green tea than black tea leaves weak, so no high water, the water temperature is too high tea will become bitter. The trick is to boil water, do not cover the lid of the pot, when the water is just beginning to bubble up when the best bubble tea in the water. Best water bath is 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. High temperature will destroy the protective layer of the skin, the skin and the loss of resistance to bacterial contamination. Recommended to try first hand, if the hand felt hot, then the rest of the body is too hot, do not think the body to adapt to the hot temperature is appropriate, because our bodies can adapt to the water temperature within three minutes, but the high temperature still harmful to the skin and body. The most suitable temperature for drinking wine is 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. So better not chilled wine storage, open the bottles before drinking wine one hour before the best results. White wine optimum drinking temperature is 4 to 10 degrees Celsius. Just 20 minutes before drinking the white wine out of the refrigerator can hold down to room temperature. Human comfortable sleeping temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. So do not be air-conditioned in the summer modulation cold, winter is not the same modulation too. The best winter feet with hot water before sleep to increase blood circulation, increased body temperature, in order to facilitate sleep, but sleep environment while maintaining ventilation, do not sleep through the multi clothing, bedtime is a good quilt shaken way.

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