Sweat less and aging faster


Sweat is the body’s “natural air conditioner”, sweating not only to regulate body temperature, but also nourish the skin, metabolic waste discharge portion, if deliberately control sweating, equivalent to hinder an important detoxification pipeline, increasing the burden on the liver and kidney detoxification. Summer, sweat can not get out, heat dissipation is not out, easy to heat stroke. Body for strength and heat tolerance in vivo cells much about heat stress proteins. Often insist movement, body heat stress significantly increased protein synthesis, increased tolerance to heat, can resist the invasion of heat waves. Sweat glands can also discharge waste product of nitrogen metabolism of amino acids and later, thereby reducing kidney row “junk” burden. “In the past one therapy for renal insufficiency is sweating therapy.” Sweat glands can also adjust the skin surface lipid membrane, this layer of film on the body have a certain moisture and protection, if it is damaged, it may be bacterial and skin fungal infections.

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