Aerobic jogging


Be prepared before jogging: do aerobic exercise before sufficient potential energy of the body to adjust to the ready state, is conducive to adjust the bodily functions, stimulate the body’s “GHRELIN” hormones, nerve cells in the brain to promote learning area certain extent, can improve memory. Ready to move in front of you will be jogging Oh! Standing, hands on his hips, alternating activity ankle. Time and speed depends jogging pace posture while running, aerobic exercise time is generally 20 to 30 minutes, the time is too long can cause muscle fatigue detrimental to health. Speed ??of practice to master. First, alternating legs while jogging elevation, activities hip, then gradually increase the speed, the knee as well as touching on the abdomen, arms swinging back and forth, running the front feet first, the transition to the whole foot. Can accelerate blood circulation, improve muscle oxygen uptake, but not excessive speed, the aerobic heart rate at 60% -80%; avoid invalid exercise, fat under anaerobic conditions will stop decomposition, in the heart rate control outside , fat loss can not be guaranteed. Practice time: early morning or evening is better.

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