Hold your head up high can relieve mental fatigue


Gait training is an important issue encephalopathy rehabilitation of patients, many patients with encephalopathy walking posture through effective training to restore the normal function of the brain, we can see how important the correct walking posture is. Only conducive to walking upright whole body and brain blood reflux, that is, when walking upright, is to let the brain get chance to rest, this position so that the work of the state down to “yang ascending” the rise of state just compensation for the people because of the tension bow work, as well as to the brain caused by poor blood circulation. The result is caused by walking down yang does not rise, thus affecting the normal blood supply of the brain. When people walk, the body will follow along with seven through eight veins activities while Hanxiong, walking stooped posture just let these meridians are not very good relaxation, the body can not get proper oxygen. In addition, spinal problems caused by this walking posture, will be reflected to the brain, people either walk or while working at his desk, brains are in a state of tension. This shall not relieve the day’s tension, causing brain fatigue can affect sleep at night.

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