Several parts of the body to protect


Chest massage can not only play the role of wide in the qi, but also to improve the human lung function, improve immunity plays an important role. The fingers close together, palms hollow, aligning the chest in the middle of the sternum to the appropriate intensity slap. Under each slap 3-5, stopping every 10 seconds, 3-5 times a day. Alternatively, you can use the palm of your hand every day, rubbing the chest with a top-down approach (from the neck to the lower chest department), each friction dozens to hundreds of times. Human subcutaneous also contains a large number of immune cells, usually can be hot water bottle with prescription drugs and other ways to apply back health, you can also palm tapping, tapping to clear the meridians. In addition, wintergreen oil or ointment applied back massage back rub to warm flushing of the skin, resistance to colds, strengthening the body, enhance the body immunity good. The spine is the nerve center of the body, and is directly connected to the brain. Good spinal health care, to stimulate the nervous system function, enhance brain function, regulating the function of organs, improve the body’s resistance to viruses have a good effect. You can also take care of the spine compress, apply oil or glycerin friction way to proceed.

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