Sitting cross-legged may improve memory


When sitting cross-legged, bent legs were crossed, the left leg at the ankle joint stand right leg at the knee, leaned forward, to maintain this position. If even 10 minutes can not stand people, it shows your leg, ankle, hip flexibility is not enough, the usual lack of flexibility exercises. How to exercise flexibility it? Following two simple exercises movements, each takes only about five minutes, stretched for the waist, buttocks, legs, can greatly improve the body flexibility, easily sit cross-legged . Sitting on a mat or a bed, legs straight and close together as possible leaned forward, his hands touch the lower leg bone, the thigh is taut feel when, for 15 to 30 seconds, rest for half a minute, do a set of . To increase the level of fun and test their progress, as far as possible so that each practice can both hands move forward a little more than the last time, until his hands over the position of the feet, the knees up to the chest can be posted. Kneeling on the mat, knees together, ankle dorsiflexion, the two are attached to the foot pad. Then after his hands, upper body backwards as far as possible, when you feel the front of the thigh are stretched, for 15 to 30 seconds. Rest for half a minute, do one group. With the big leg flexibility enhancements, you will be able to make the upper body lying on the mat. Exercise period of time, your flexibility will be increased dramatically. General fitness, from a single disk (affixed to the side of the leg, the other side of the leg frame on it) and then slowly sit cross-legged legs that stand on both feet contralateral leg thigh, upper body remain straight, hands folded on virtual navel, eliminate distractions, take 20 to 30 minutes.

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