30 minutes a day listening to music can clear cholesterol


Researchers surveyed nearly ten thousand local residents, their average age at 36 years old. It was found that often listen to their favorite music, their blood vessel function transport is 26% higher than people who never listen to music. The researchers analyzed, music can increase blood levels of nitric oxide, and nitric oxide to help prevent blood clots and reduce the accumulation of “bad cholesterol” in the blood vessels. The study also found that the often heard “Red Hot Chili Peppers” and Madonna’s music, you can increase endurance; while 18th-century symphonies can improve the brain’s attention; but heavy metal music cause high blood pressure, is not conducive to health. The person in charge of this study Michael Miller said that although the role of nitric oxide in the music rise lasted only a few seconds, but its cumulative effect will last for a long time, but also beneficial to people of all ages. Therefore, he suggested that people in his spare time, may wish to listen to music on the half-hour a day.

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