Ash into the eye not to rub


Foreign objects into the eyes, will be attached to the eyeball. Corneas feel very keenly, when foreign objects into the eyes, immediately cause pain, tearing, if rubbed my eyes, is likely to damage the cornea, causing corneal scratches. In addition, in the hands of the bacteria is likely to be brought into the eyes, causing eye irritation. Worse, sometimes foreign body not only can not be rubbed out, it will be more firmly attached to the cornea, increased damage, may affect vision. If the eyes into something, you should close your eyes, until the tears secretion out, and then slowly blink. Or gently on the upper eyelid lift, rinse with saline or eye drops. If these methods do not work, we should go to the hospital to seek medical help. Foreign body in the eye to be removed, you can spot some eye drops or ointment painted points to prevent infection.

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