Low blood sugar may be the cause of nightmares


Experimental studies have proven that people during sleep, will sleep and slow wave sleep fast two forms of waves alternately. REM sleep, also known as “dream sleep”, people dream is what has happened at this time. Studies have shown that, in the course of the fast wave sleep, nervous excitability increased protein synthesis in the brain to accelerate. When blood sugar is too low, the brain energy supply, protein synthesis is blocked, it will lead to fast wave sleep duration, this time will be increased nerve excitability, nightmares may occur at any time. Conversely, when the blood sugar normal people during sleep, the synthesis of protein metabolism, energy supply, such as in a normal physiological state, fast-wave sleep and slow wave sleep is orderly alternately, not overly excited nervous system, and therefore difficult to produce nightmares. Carbohydrate foods can correct low blood sugar, if you often have nightmares, bedtime might eat a few slices of bread or two small biscuits to try, but also drink a glass of sweetened milk. This may reduce your nightmares, improve sleep quality of some help. It is worth mentioning that some diabetics difficulty falling asleep, nightmares also more (this point is often overlooked). This is often easier to hypoglycemia and diabetes related. So, when patients often nocturnal hypoglycemia may consider adjusting the medication, or a small amount at bedtime snacks. Of course, these are best carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

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