Relieve snoring advice


Must first lose weight. Fat people snoring is three times the Thin Man. Obesity unabated, it can not cure snoring. To avoid alcohol cessation. Alcohol has a narcotic effect, can cause muscle relaxation, resulting in snoring. Habitual snorers should prohibit alcohol before bedtime, especially alcohol. The poison smoke irritate the respiratory tract, causing swelling of the airway, causing the airways to poor. Pillows should not be too high, the thickness of the unilateral Shoulder appropriate. Habitual snorers also ask the doctor to do a jaw oral care, before going to wear in the mouth, thus boosting the sagging soft palate. Against the tongue to keep the airway open. Elderly hypertensive “snore king” can be put polyps or jaw surgery excess tissue removed, it is possible to fundamentally solve the snoring, so preventive measures.

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