Chewing gum to prevent hyperacidity


When excessive gastric acid secretion, it appears the feeling of heartburn. The doctor will usually prescribe antacids to neutralize or suppress excessive stomach acid, when hyperacidity, will produce heartburn feeling, in addition to eating some drugs and or suppress heartburn, the diluted acid is also a convenient and effective way . Immediately after a meal chewing gum, chewing when you can promote increased salivary secretion of saliva, then swallowing times also increase, which took to swallow saliva can wash away the esophagus gastric juice, so the stomach acid reflux into the stomach to get diluted, too eliminating burning discomfort. Need to be reminded not to eat such as acidic lemon or orange flavored gum, which will accelerate the secretion of gastric acid, can not relieve heartburn. Do not chew gum for less than 30 minutes, so as to ensure adequate saliva produced in the mouth to the esophagus and dilute stomach acid.

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