Watermelon juice helps relieve muscle soreness after exercise


Refreshing summer, watermelon has won the people’s favorite. New research shows that watermelon contains an amino acid helps relieve muscle soreness after exercise, this is undoubtedly the summer sports enthusiasts to bring a touch of cool.
Research shows that watermelon contains a known amino acid L-citrulline can ease muscle soreness due to exercise-induced. Citrulline with enzymes in the body produce a chemical reaction, transformed into the human circulatory and immune systems useful arginine, arginine can promote the formation of nitric oxide to help relax blood vessels.

Researchers were taken ordinary watermelon juice drinks, enhanced L-citrulline in watermelon juice drinks and free L-citrulline drinks, so volunteers were one hour before exercise drink.
The results show that normal and enhanced L-citrulline in watermelon juice has ease muscle soreness after exercise volunteers effect, while the latter is more bioavailable in contrast, is more conducive to the body to absorb.


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