Note first shilly-waist before exercise


If you do not exercise for a long time, the body can not adapt to the large amount of exercise for a moment, it is prone to “flash back”, “stitch”, which is life and sports in the most common form of acute injury, especially in gymnastics, basketball, volleyball and other sports prone. Thus, waist before exercise to do preparatory activities, such as the front stoop, turned around, the jump squat, so that the lumbar muscles, the joints and blood circulation systems are fully mobilized after exercise. Pay attention to correct posture during exercise, action should be coordination and balance, forced to be done properly. At the same time, grasp the principle of gradual and orderly progress, exercise reasonable arrangements. Gradually strengthen the waist force, not excessive, but also for relaxation after finishing movement exercises to eliminate muscle cramps, fatigue and so on. If the conditions of exercise to strengthen the lower back muscles, especially in the waist activity-based fitness programs, so that the increased activity of the spine, enhanced flexibility ligaments, muscles more developed and powerful take on even greater in the case of power, not prone to tearing sprain phenomenon.

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