Chest movement relieve back pain


Almost everyone has had the experience of back pain, but most people just a pain too, but there are also some people’s pain has evolved into a chronic disease that affects the daily work. Regular exercise can effectively relieve back pain chest. In the eyes of many, the role of the shoulder and chest exercise will be even greater on the back, chest workout waist for the same effect is obvious. Action do chest, back, at the same time tighten the waist muscles will follow tightly closed in order to play the role of exercise. Sedentary and frequent back pain who may wish to do a do. To keep your back healthy, we should always pay attention to posture, keeping the pelvis and shoulders in a straight line, try to sit on the back of the chair, so you can make the lumbar spine and back to be supported; Also, choose the right shoes double it is important to provide advantageous support to the body, a healthy spine is conducive to ease the burden on the waist.

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