Summer Fitness Process


Let the value of high-intensity operations after an appropriate physiological response to a quiet state, rather than immediately stopped. Its contents may include slow jogging or walking, plus a few simple stretches. Especially for the amount of weight training are concerned, to ease the movement of stretching movements are absolutely essential, because the ease of movement and stretching can reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles tight degree. Hot summer fitness, body’s metabolic rate will be higher than in other seasons, which means that the body consumes more sports nutrients and moisture needed to replenish, otherwise inevitably cause damage to the body. During the campaign, every day is best to drink 6-8 cups of water with a small cup. Also, note that, in order to reduce meat and blind not to increase physical activity, because the body movement to a certain extent, it will reach an excitement. If you stick with, it may appear relatively feeling of fatigue, exhaustion occurs the phenomenon of human physical disadvantage. So when you got the happiest and most comfortable when just would not have increased the amount of exercise, and then need to slowly reduce or stop the movement.

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