Don’t forget to clean the skin stratum corneum


Has a flawless beautiful skin, if not the makeup, will be very beautiful, so beautiful and make more real, more natural.
Want to solve the first go horny facial pores, the old waste cuticle surface metabolized, allowing skin to better absorb chemicals. Apply proper amount of scrub on the back, you will find there are a lot of small particles, that these particles will help you remove facial horny. To choose the right skin scrub according to their status quo. Exfoliating scrub particles is the holy grail of products, a class of chemical polymer particles, smaller than a round, milder; Another natural particles, surface coarse to strongly aging skin peel and clean the pores. There are mud-like soil particles, can absorb oil, exfoliates. Before exfoliating, first make clean to prepare. First, after cleansing, toning water with the nose, forehead edge, mouth, chin and so easy to accumulate dead keratin waste clean. Then Lotion makeup sponge soaked with the essence of water to do the final cleaning of the skin, in order to balance the skin’s pH. Finally, the use of exfoliating products massage. Note that when you massage, attention Road, not a burden to the skin, the best way to circle in the nose, mouth and other serious exfoliating cream gently rub the place. Products containing acid can exfoliate when using acid products, required by the low concentration, two days once the start frequency of use, the skin may have to wait to receive the acid stimulation, then phased upgrade acid concentrations.

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