Correct running posture


Front and rear swing arm should not shake arms around. To free stretch limbs while running, to arm back and forth along the midline, not side to side, otherwise only affect chest expansion, the impact of oxygen, which does not help the forward movement of the body formed together, affect the speed. Should heel first, do not toe the ground first. When running settled, should heel first, if the toes touch the ground, not only running tired more easily, but also easy to make a foot injury, appeared tired, sore feet and other symptoms. A lot of people will not run short gasping, when running in a deep breath, suck three tones, the exhaled breath, which can increase the oxygen supply during exercise, you can also extend the exercise time. Running as an aerobic exercise, exercise is a prerequisite not injured. Runners usually do some lower extremity strength training, as squatting movement, jumping stairs, etc., help to increase lower limb muscle strength, avoid running in lower limb muscle strain; in the park, the district where the treadmill, observe the site to avoid accidents; Running time prepare plenty of water, preferably salt and sugar.

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